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Playful Artwork for You and Your Walls!


Photo by Kathryn McCrary 

Photo by Kathryn McCrary 

Can I come visit your studio?
We love visitors! Our Studio + Shop is located at 37 Oak Street, Roswell GA 30075. Please contact us at hi@brittbass.com to make an appointment! 

Is your studio available for rent? 
Sorry, not at this time. 

I'm a blogger/writer/editor and want to feature your work. Can you send me images?
Absolutely! Please email us at hi@brittbass.com. 

I'm a shop owner and would love to sell your products. Is this possible?
Definitely! Please email us at hi@brittbass.com. 

Do you also work with interior designers? 
Of course, email us! 

How can I be the first to know when new paintings are available?
Keep up with Britt on Instagram (click here) and sign up for our newsletter (click here).  

Can I custom order a print size to fit in my frame?
No. We offer lots of size options to help with this! We can no longer make custom print orders on an individual basis. However, if you are looking for a large order in a custom size feel free to contact us for a quote!

Can you crop a rectangular image into a square and create a custom print for me? 
No. Feel free to cut down the print however you wish once you receive it to fit in your frame/ your desire, however, we will not adjust the original artwork. 

Can we use your image for our branding or marketing materials without asking for signed permission and signing an agreement? 

Can we resale your products prior to written agreement?